Master's Degree

Targeting artistic excellence, the road to consolidating an individual interpretative style is the goal towards which master students are constantly led. Breaking away from the beaten paths of musical tradition in search of artistic identity it is a difficult task to achieve; requiring much tact, the approach taken by teachers will, rather than the exposition of their own ideas, explore the possibility of staying open to the new, formulating, interrogating, researching. The student will thus be able to cultivate the sense of discovering the multiple meanings of a musical score, not just the acquisition of a vision that does not belong to him.

““Those who have achieved all their goals, probably have chosen them too low”

Through the attractive teaching offer, from the musicological research required for the interpretation of the old music to the in-depth knowledge of the compositional techniques of the contemporary period, the students are offered the opportunity to complete their artistic personality in the instrumental or vocal interpretation, chamber music or the art the choral conducting. Famous artists who appear on important European scenes, soloists of the philharmonic or opera are invited to give master classes in order to provide a panoramic view of the master student eager for improvement. Throughout the Master's studies, students have many opportunities to appear in front of the audience, the most talented master students having the opportunity to be present at the concerts of the Timisoara International Music Festival or other prestigious festivals.

Field of study: Theatre
Specialization: Performing Arts in Theatre
Mode of study: full time study
Graduation form: MA study program
Title: MA Master of Arts